A Comprehensive Guide to Local SEO – The Basics

SEO For Small Businesses   

As a small business owner, are you refraining from setting up your business online because you assume that digital business involves dealing with clients from other states and cities? And your business niche is to trade only locally? Whether you want to expand your business beyond state borders or country borders is your choice. But upscaling your business from a physical store to an online store is imperative for your potential customers to find and shop from you. 

Undoubtedly, everybody relies on Google search. From looking for a product or service to finding educational and informative information, as per research, there are about 40,000 searches per second in India. Therefore, to boost local businesses, Google, with the help of its local SEO strategy, offers companies the advantage of listing amongst hundreds of other local competitors, earning ranking and ratings for their services and eventually connecting with their ideal audiences. 

Local SEO is a regional marketing tool that helps businesses improve their visibility on Google’s local search results page and allows customers to gravitate to you. For example, you own a baking business in Gurgaon. Anybody looking for artisanal cakes and cupcakes can do a quick search, “Home Baker Near Me”, and locate your store. The same applies to every other local business. By establishing and optimising a local SEO strategy, you multiply the possibility of organically inviting offline and online sales and conversions. 

How Does Local SEO Work?

To ensure beneficial visibility, here are a few local SEO marketing activities to carry out:

  1. Create a Google My Business Profile and regularly optimise it. This helps Google to understand your credible and authentic business and will show and list your store location on Google search and Google Maps. 
  2. Ensure that essential details such as Name, Address and Phone Number are correct and updated whenever any change occurs. 
  3. Once your online presence is established, it is important to maintain it. Ask your customers to rate your services. A good rating will help other users to approach and trust your services. 
  4. Upload optimised image and meta descriptions on your local website that helps your local audience understand what kind of business you deal with. Posting relevant information also eases search discoverability and web accessibility of your future and existing customers. 
  5. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and responsive when searched on any screen. 

The Perks of Local SEO

  1. Enhanced Online Visibility: One of the most prominent digital marketing hacks is to place your business exactly where your customers are. If your target audience is local people, then there is no point in setting up a website without location settings and drawing international clients. Use local SEO to make your business visible in your vicinity. 
  2. Relevant Traffic and Conversions: With local SEO, there are higher chances that you will not only receive genuine search queries but also encourage your target audience to visit your physical store. This leads to client conversions and repeated sales. 
  3. Build a Community: The benefits of local SEO can be enjoyed both offline and online. For instance, if you own a pharmacy shop and a user discovers you online. Once they visit your shop and love the experience of a hassle-free purchase of medicines, they will not recommend you further but also give you regular orders as loyal customers. Positive word of mouth will eventually help your business gain trust and build a community. 
  4. Reduced Advertising Costs: Local SEO is an organic tool. It offers multi-faceted benefits if used accurately. Unlike paid ads, you don’t have to keep a heavy budget aside. Create a website, optimise local SEO strategies, and you will see profits and customers pouring in in no time!

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Grow Locally with Level Next Digi

Even if implementing local SEO seems easy and manageable, there is a lot of backend keyword research and performance tracking involved. Moreover, you to constantly upgrade your strategies! It could be tiring to operate without an experienced hand. Why not allow our professional and experienced team to look after all your needs? We have an impressive portfolio of working with various local businesses in Gurgaon and helping them reach their digital marketing goals. 

Your potential client could be right around the corner or next lane! Let’s discuss local SEO strategies to convert them into regular local customers!

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