Who We Are.

We will assist you in creating and enjoying the Digital LIMELIGHT.

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Our story

Journey Covered So Far

We are the Digital Mavericks, not merely an advertising agency or a creative firm. Definitions are narrow in scope (and boring). Human brains is creative enough to reinvent things around it given it is given a chance to explore the universe. We believe that the custom trends we create now will become trends of tomorrow, from vivid web designs to out-of-the-box digital marketing methods.

You have a story to tell, whether you’re a brand or a firm. Our mission is to deliver your story to the appropriate people in the most effective way possible.

Give Level Next Digi a chance to groom your digital presence!!


Getting There was Half the FUN.....we are seeking more with You!!

Furniture and food, as someone correctly stated, help people determine their attitude about life. Swati and Siddharth decided to give their home a makeover due to their desire to refresh their home setup. They had no idea it would be an unexpected opportunity to meet someone who would join them in starting something new.
Mr. Someone, also known as Varun Virmani, is a tech geek who worked for a furniture firm that our Power Couple learned about on Facebook.
Seeing VVs’ creative side, the company’s proprietors decided to hire him to rebuild and digitalize their current fashion apparel business.
The voyage began as a service provider and client engagement for a specific project, but it quickly evolved into a fun-filled trip along the newly paved roads of the Digital Revolution!
The three, which included a fashionista, a brand inventor, and a tech geek, created a Digital Marketing agency with joy and excitement. Their disparate backgrounds made no impact; rather, the sundae gave the Level Next Digi a unique flavor.

Our Team

We are a unique team of the brightest designers, developers, and marketing consultants



Fashion curator, been a part of apparel industry, understanding the psyche of end customers comes naturally. Thus, acting as a guide for customer engagement & acquisition was not a tough job.


Brand Designer & Co-Founder

Understanding the market & visualizing the market appeal is a cakewalk. Thus, Mr Branding Guru steers the companies to reach the other rend of the maze smoothly.

Tech-Geek & Co-Founder

VV, is not only the Tech Fuel of the company but helps to gather the different pieces of the puzzle with ease for the clients as well as the employees.

Content Curator

Helping the sundae to have a balanced mix of creativity, information & latest flavour of the digital world, in the form of crisp & short information.


Finance and Accounts Chief

Numbers keep him busy, but he does not leave any stone unturned to keep the accounting records updated.


He is good at keeping the Digital web of Level Next Digi catch the latest trends !!