Why Choose a Company for Digital Marketing in Gurgaon?

In a world full of sky high billboards and telemarketing, give your brand an extraordinary boost with the help of a proficient digital marketing agency in Gurgaon.  But my company is doing well. We have heavily spent on newspapers and magazine advertisements and preparing to spend another round of money on pamphlets and other print […]

What is SEO, Types of SEO & How it Works?

SEO: A Conventional Yet Dominant Digital Marketing Tool  Search Engine Optimisation, favourably recognised as SEO, is nowadays considered insignificant or dead. This is primarily because every business owner either does not understand what SEO is and does not have the resources to break down and understand its mumbo-jumbo, or they are too occupied with spending […]

The Switch From Universal Analytics To Google Analytics 4

The Deadline Is Approaching The past few months have been very chaotic and confusing for every website owner across the globe after Google announced its new Google Analytics 4 to its Google Analytics (GA) series. Since then, like you, many have been confused and have various questions about what exactly is the new analytics? How […]

Location Page SEO: Concept of Optimising Local Pages for Search Engine Visibility

With the digital revolution and a smooth transition from traditional marketing to digital marketing activities, it is evident that the dependence and reliance on Google for a trustworthy product or service is only advancing. Yes, conventional marketing, like print media or word of mouth, may still have some essence. Still, according to a survey, 97% […]

How To Plan Effective SEO For Websites In 2023

“SEO is dead! Let’s focus on paid ads for 2023! There is no point in focusing on keyword research. Instead, create more well-defined and strategic campaigns to generate leads and conversions!” Suppose you have been listening to these rumours and believing them or reading such articles over the internet. In that case, we request you […]

Google Helpful Content Update – People-First Content to Dominate SERPs

   Have you been optimising your website regularly with quality content and graphics yet need to catch up in meeting your SEO goals? Is your website not ranking amongst the top ten websites on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), despite including the most appropriate keywords? Instead of turning your back away from SEO, you […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Local SEO – The Basics

SEO For Small Businesses    As a small business owner, are you refraining from setting up your business online because you assume that digital business involves dealing with clients from other states and cities? And your business niche is to trade only locally? Whether you want to expand your business beyond state borders or country […]