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Have you been optimising your website regularly with quality content and graphics yet need to catch up in meeting your SEO goals? Is your website not ranking amongst the top ten websites on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), despite including the most appropriate keywords? Instead of turning your back away from SEO, you must try to figure out what’s wrong or seek help from experts at Level Next Digi to show you the way!

Often entrepreneurs and digital marketers focus so much on the larger picture or the end goal that they forget to pay attention to the more minor details that could significantly add to their business’s growth trajectory. Similar could be the case with you and the reason why your SEO efforts aren’t delivering the expected outcomes.

SEO is an ever-evolving organic marketing tool! Google’s algorithm constantly updates its procedures with rollouts nearly once every year. But, in August 2022, Google recently announced a change in its SEO strategy by slightly tweaking the content strategy. This update is none other than “People First Content Update”. Even though many believe that Google offers its paid platform to businesses to earn, at its core, the rudimentary principle of its organic search engine tool has always been to enhance the user experience (UX). And all its algorithm rollouts have always been people-centric. But before we dive into further details, let us explain what the new update is all about.

Google Users Over Search Rankings

If you are wondering what exactly Google’s Helpful Content Update is, the above heading should give you some idea.

Many websites upload high-quality content to achieve their goals of earning the first rank on the SERP. Now, the tables have turned. With its new update, Google wants to reward those websites that frame content for the people. Only those websites whose premium content engages, connects and helps their users with valuable information they are looking for, site-wide, will receive a good and high ranking from the algorithm.

With content marketing becoming the need of the hour for every business website, many prefer to stuff quality content with endless and monotonous keywords. This is called keyword stuffing which steals the originality of the content and also the human touch!

Sometimes when we search for a specific location, product or service on Google, we come across various link suggestions at the top. But upon clicking, we realise that the information on that specific page was irrelevant and unrelated to what you’re looking for! This is the exact situation faced by millions of Google users, which Google wishes to avoid and eradicate with the help of People First content!

You have nothing to worry about if you create satisfactory content. But if not, here’s a list of a few things you can implement to enhance your SEO strategy!

3 Content Strategies To Adapt As Per People First Rollout

  1. Stick To Core: It may be tempting to frame bulk content about random topics to stay at the top of SERP, but this is what Google wants you to avoid. Don’t stray from the crux and purpose of your business. You must clearly define the nature and background of your business and how your products and services will aid the visitors. Also, never pool too many different topics for one website. It will confuse your audience.
  2. Demonstrate First-Hand Experience: Nobody knows your business better than you. And hence, nobody can explain and exhibit it better than you. Thus, add content relevant to your niche and only for those products and services you offer. You can add photos or videos to support your service and enrich the reader’s experience.
  3. Value-Addition Content: While framing any content, always ask yourself whether it will solve a search query. Or will your content help the users learn something or help them achieve a task? Stay on the right track by offering solutions your audience is looking for! 

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