How To Plan Effective SEO For Websites In 2023

“SEO is dead! Let’s focus on paid ads for 2023! There is no point in focusing on keyword research. Instead, create more well-defined and strategic campaigns to generate leads and conversions!” Suppose you have been listening to these rumours and believing them or reading such articles over the internet. In that case, we request you not to be misled and develop strategies without incorporating quality SEO strategies. It will only result in expected losses for your business. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is very much alive and robust as it was 20 years ago, during its launch. SEO will continue to exist as long as search engines are present. A website receives nearly 56 per cent of its organic traffic through the search engine. Also, what helps Google determine which website to place at the top of its Search Engine Results Page (SERP) or give ranks to the websites? SEO! Therefore, neglecting SEO for 2023 or any year after could be a blunder. The only and most significant aspect of SEO that digital marketing agencies, SEO specialists and entrepreneurs must consider is that SEO is an ever-evolving organic marketing tool. 

Sure, ads deliver quick results. But if your website’s SEO isn’t working or showing expected outcomes for a specific month, it indicates that you must improvise strategies, stay consistent and keep up with the algorithm updates. Thus, contrary to believing all the speculations, we have a list of steps for you to note and enjoy effective SEO in 2023. They are:

1. Keyword Research: Keywords and SEO go hand-in-hand. A website framed without applicable and suitable keywords to the background and nature of your business will never produce positive SEO results. Keywords are phrases prospective customers search and use on Google’s search page to locate your services. Thus, conduct a thorough search about the keywords used by your competitors and within the industry. Adding keywords with moderate to high search volumes is also essential. If you haven’t already, repurpose the old content with targeted and apt keywords for 2023.

2. Engaging Content: Quality and inviting content will always be SEO’s foundation and core principle. High-quality, plagiarism-free, and genuine content is the crux of increasing traffic on your website and making the visitors stay. It would be best if you leveraged the benefits of organic content marketing by creating content that has good keywords and overall readable content that your users would like to binge upon. 

3. Voice Search Optimisation: With the introduction of Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google’s Voice Search Assistant, the dependence and reliance on Artificial Intelligence is only increasing by leaps and bounds. Optimising your website for Voice Search in 2023 means that your website would appear directly when asked for. Local businesses can benefit from Voice Search Optimisation as visitors can also locate their stores on Google Maps navigation!

4. Image Optimisation: To create an impressive User Interface (UI), you cannot rely on text content but add optimised, high-quality, and resolution images and graphics to give your visitors a seamless and captivating experience. But at the same time, ensure that the large image files are not broken or blurred or reduce your website’s loading speed. This can increase your website’s bounce rate. 

5. Video Marketing: Not just on social media, but website users are also getting hooked on video content. Integrate this strategy in your SEO in the form of tutorials, vlogs, interviews, reviews, processing and manufacturing videos, behind-the-scenes presentations or any form of video content that works for your brand. 

6. Mobile-Friendly Websites: About 60.28% of Google search queries were generated through mobile devices, and this number is only expected to climb. Therefore, build your website and SEO strategy that is responsive to mobile devices!

7. Local Search SEO: Google is laying emphasis on local SEO for small businesses. Thus, you must ensure to build a Google My Business profile, add regional keywords in your content and keep your store details such as Name, Address and Contact updated. 

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