Location Page SEO: Concept of Optimising Local Pages for Search Engine Visibility

With the digital revolution and a smooth transition from traditional marketing to digital marketing activities, it is evident that the dependence and reliance on Google for a trustworthy product or service is only advancing. Yes, conventional marketing, like print media or word of mouth, may still have some essence. Still, according to a survey, 97% of users depend on the internet to locate a local business or service. Isn’t this a hint for you to take your small business online? 

Launching a website is one thing, but effectively optimising it is another, and in most scenarios, the latter is not easy! As a small business, you would be aware of the growing competition. Therefore, whether you own a restaurant, a salon, a gym, a clinic or any merchandise store, if you want to establish a firm footing within your region, you must focus on local SEO strategy. 

Local SEO is a branch of SEO. With the help of local SEO strategies, Google allows its platform to be used optimally by small businesses to gain visibility and generate more traffic, leads and, eventually, sales! 

So far, we know that the platform is Google, and the resource is local SEO to gain more visibility from the local audience. But how does one get there? Often businesses fail because lack of guidance and not knowing what measures to take. Therefore, at Level Next Digi, we have prepared a few basics for you to achieve clarity and a high ranking! 

Guidelines to Amplify Visibility Through Local SEO

  1. Strategic Meta Titles and Descriptions: When looking for a particular service or product on Google’s search engine, you will come across multiple search results competing for attention. The differentiating factor would be the impressive and noticeable title and description underneath each link. This way, the users will know whether or not a specific page contains the required service. Therefore, deliberately use location-based meta tags to guide the potential customer to your page. For example, your business is in Gurgaon. Adding words like “Best Store in Gurgaon” to your tags and descriptions lets Google and customers know about your local business. 
  2. Google My Business Account: By listing your business on Google’s Business Account Services, you allow Google to show and highlight your products and services each time a search query is raised. Search for the best pizza stores near me or reliable dental services near me, and Google will show hundreds of options. This is because of Google My Business. Thus, create your business profile on Google, if you haven’t and optimise it by updating valid Name, Address and Phone Number details. 
  3. Technical Website Errors: It is simple if there are any technical errors, such as your site takes a lot of time to load, has plugin issues, is not responsive or mobile-friendly, or the website does not have a unique domain name, then Google’s bots will not index (mark) your webpage. If your pages are not indexed, they will not appear in local searches. Thus, make sure your website is bug-free with seamless navigation. 
  4. Quality Content with Suitable Keywords: While optimising local SEO, ensure to craft content that will resonate with the local audience you are aiming to target. Build content that understands their problems and requirements and how your local products and services will solve their worries. Also, add location-based keywords without fail. For instance, if you own a jewellery shop in Gurgaon, you can add blogs and service pages like best jewellery to gift to your wife in Gurgaon or top five jewellery trends in Gurgaon to boost local search appearance. 
  5. Respond to Local Reviews: Reviews are an important ranking factor for local businesses. A review helps the visitor to understand how prominent and credible a business in a local area is. Also, Google wants its users to experience an incredible user interface. Therefore, it will automatically push forward authentic websites. Thus, monitor and engage with your Google reviews. 

Are You Ready to Maximise Your Local SEO?

Remember, all these above factors are super effective when applied together. But keeping a tab on them and staying updated with the constant algorithm changes can seem daunting. At Level Next Digi, we can package all these services and provide quality local SEO services at cost-effective prices. 

Forget the worry of managing local SEO and wait for your local brand to grow, multiply and monetise with us! Connect with us for a consultation today! 

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